This section covers volunteering as it occurred in Victoria in the 12 months of 2019, as reported in the survey of Victorian residents.

We surveyed both volunteers and non-volunteers. We also asked people about their volunteering during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic (during April – May 2020).

These findings cover Victorian volunteers and non-volunteers.

Volunteering participation

2.3 million Victorians volunteered

507.7 million hours donated

$ 1,700/year: cost to volunteers after reimbursements

223.9 hours donated annually/person

28.9% of Victorians volunteered in not-for-profit organisations for an average 153.7 hours per year (12.8 hours per month).
25.3% of Victorians volunteered informally in the community for an average 108.2 hours per year (9.0 hours per month).
10.0% of Victorians volunteered to support government services for an average 146.5 hours per year (12.2 hours per month).
8.6% of Victorians volunteered in private (for-profit) organisations for an average 101.4 hours per year (8.4 hours per month).


Included in these figures are the 13.8% of currently employed Victorians (8.1% of the population) who participated in a workplace-organised or workplace-sponsored volunteering program.


66.0% of volunteering occurred within the volunteer’s local community.
16.9% of volunteering took place online.
11.4% of volunteering occurred elsewhere in Victoria.
1.8% of volunteering occurred in mainland Australia or overseas.