Profile of volunteer-involving organisations (VIOs)

There was a strong response to the VIO survey from Victorian organisations. Responses were predominantly from not-for-profit organisations.

Volunteer profile

Volunteer-involving organisations (VIOs) were asked to identify who typically volunteers in their organisation. The responses provide a snapshot of the diverse groups that volunteer-involving organisations (VIOs) engage, the different forms of volunteer engagement, and different employment and life contexts.

Volunteer recruitment

Volunteer-involving organisations (VIOs) reported attracting volunteers through a range of methods. Word of mouth and social media / website were the most commonly used.

Methods for attracting and recruiting volunteers stated in the ‘other’ category:

  • Corporate programs, and
  • Use of other entities and their websites such as shire volunteering websites, state organisation websites, and internal systems within clubs and groups.

Volunteer recognition, engagement and retention

Volunteer-involving organisations (VIOs) use a range of ways to motivate and retain their volunteers.

Trends in volunteering

In response to the question, “How has volunteering changed for your organisation in the 3 years prior to COVID-19?” many organisations noted little change.

The impact of COVID-19 during the reporting period

Data in the following table compares the differences reported by volunteering-involving organisations (VIOs) between 2019 and the first COVID-19 restrictions of April-June 2020.